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About the company

About the Hill & Standard Group
The Hill & Standard Group are one of the UK’s leading providers of accommodation to students in the UK’s strongest University cities.

About Hill & Standard Property Management
Our 8 years of excellence in student property management means we offer well equipped properties to our student tenants. In addition to property management the Hill & Standard Group is a value added developer considering the experience as a whole from design and build to end user experience — you can rest assured we are committed to delivering you the best student years.



Mark Boucher
Beautifully designed rooms and communal areas. Close to campus with staff on hand to help students with any concerns or worries. Excellent value for money compared to other accommodation options- hasn't left us out of pocket. Would recommend.
26 Nov 2016
Richard Field
I recommend Hill and Standard to my sister after reading reviews. She lives in Qatar and had huge reservations about sending her only daughter to the UK to study alone. Hill and standard have done an excellent job with accommodating my niece who is having the time of her life at uni. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone.
20 Nov 2016
Jane Bidgood
Very efficient, modern facilities in close proximity to university. Hill & Standard 24 hour security on campus puts my families and my head at ease.
16 Nov 2016